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07-Dec-2017 03:35

This month we caught wind of a news story about a girl who posted her phone number on Facebook.

In nearly three-quarters of the cases, victims met with their offender offline more than once, and in a quarter of the cases victims ran away to be with their offender.Knowing the truth could save your children from the dangers they face in the online world.These stories are perhaps the most nightmarish for parents to read about.“Man Charged with Solicitation of a Minor.” “Sexual Predator Arrested in Undercover Operation.” “Man Charged with Using Internet to Sexually Proposition 13-Year Old Girl.” Predation is a widely reported but vastly misunderstood phenomenon.

There are a variety of online predator-to-child scenarios parents need to be aware of.What starts as a seemingly harmless and flirtatious gesture can turn into ammunition used by others to embarrass, bully, or extort.Stories about this offer parents great opportunities to teach their children valuable lessons. And eventually, he drove across several states to meet her for sex on several occasions in motel rooms.While this is a form of deception, it is not overt deception but rather a subtle and powerful form of psychological and emotional manipulation.