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The full archives of the Narcissistic Abuse Study List - links, articles, and resources regarding Pathological Narcissism, relationships with abusive narcissists, and the Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).This forum is a safe place for survivors of abuse to honestly deal with their hurt, and their issues in a Christian fellowship.RE: Disinformation agents: Remember “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Where are all the real anti war protesters-not the deep state agitators [Barcelona Agreement was made in 1995 by corrupt NWO western leaders!Sol-war]Please Note that I [Brit girl] have made a mistake in this video, There were 15 Member states involved in the Barcelona Declaration, not 28, this was a mistake, all other info stands and can be verified here:

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It is a forum for those genuinely wanting to heal from their pasts, and move on into true survivorship!

Unlike some self-help programs, ASCA does not require that participants work the steps - although you may choose to do so - or that the steps be worked in a linear order.

Step Work is a process whereby you concentrate on one particular step at a time in a given recovery program.

The Morris Center's "Survivor to Thriver" manual (a 115 page guidebook for ASCA participants, as well as for any survivor of physical, sexual and/or emotional child abuse or neglect) and all ASCA materials are available free to download.

After Silence is a community designed to help survivors communicate in the recovery of rape, sexual abuse, and domestic violence.Their mission is to support, empower, validate, and educate survivors, as well as their families and supporters.Support group and resource site for people dealing with mental health, bullying and abuse/trauma issues.Adult Survivors of Child Abuse (ASCA) is an individual and group support program for adult survivors of physical, sexual, and/or emotional child abuse or neglect.