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14-Mar-2018 19:02

The neighborhood association, which was used to operating within a European cultural context, is struggling with engaging the new residents.

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Its residents, who used to be primarily people of European descent, is now 30% African American and 10% Hispanic.It's a system of rules that are the base of what we are and affect how we express ourselves as part of a group and as individuals. Our environment determines what we learn, how we learn it, and the rules for living with others.These rules are transmitted from one generation to the next and are often adapted to the times and locale.Yet, its membership has not increased nor diversified.

Despite our individuality, commonalities in cognitive patterns tend to exist within and differ between cultures Anderson, 1988; Grant & Sleeter, 1989;. that teachers can utilize to arrange the learning environment to better assure that all students, regardless of their cognitive style, have their needs accommodated. Lessons.… continue reading »

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Editorial Accommodating issues of culture and diversity in the application of new. consequences of culture and cultural diversity, largely in a business context; del Galdo and Nielsen's important collection of. ference, to construct commonalities, and respect those differences we cannot resolve. In her paper, Betty Collis.… continue reading »

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