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Following the Roanoke River, the VGN was built through the City of Roanoke early in the twentieth century.The opening of the coalfields made N&W prosperous and Pocahontas bituminous coal world-famous.

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Springsteen's last name is topographic and of Dutch origin, literally translating to "jumping stone" but more generally meaning a kind of stone used as a stepping stone in unpaved streets or between two houses.He lived on South Street and attended Freehold Borough High School.His father, Douglas Frederick Springsteen, was of Dutch and Irish ancestry, and worked as a bus driver, among other vocations, although he was mostly unemployed.Rock 'n' roll came to my house where there seemed to be no way out ... Springsteen grew up hearing fellow New Jersey singer Frank Sinatra on the radio.

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He became interested in being involved in music himself when, in 1956 at the age of seven, he saw Elvis Presley on The Ed Sullivan Show.Thereafter he started playing for audiences with a band called the Rogues at local venues such as the Elks Lodge in Freehold.In 1965, Springsteen's mother took out a loan to buy her 16-year-old son a Kent guitar, an act he subsequently memorialized in his song "The Wish".Photo - Displays photos of the location Wikipedia - Additional information on that location in Wikipedia See this page for London locations listed by novel Map last updated April 2014 Note: This map and the information it contains is by no means meant to be all-inclusive or complete.…