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15-Feb-2018 16:18

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You're fed up with your spouse, so you start chatting with that attractive person of the opposite sex in the next cubicle.

You've known him for years, and it's so easy to talk. Pretty soon you're sharing intimate problems, and now the co-worker is telling you how hard you have it. and maybe the two of you should go out to lunch to talk more about it all.

to keep your spouse (and married life) separate from the world of the affair.

As a client once shared, “I had to force myself not to think about my wife when I was with the other woman.

Remember, even if a person is not symptomatic, he or she may still be infected and able to pass along infections to any and all sexual partners.

For men, in particular, getting checked out can ensure that the penis is healthy and free of infection.

Well, definitive numbers are hard to come by, but most polls and estimates typically report that more than one-third of men and about one-quarter of women admit to having had at least one extramarital sexual act.

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Not only will this help restore trust; it will give the partner who was betrayed peace of mind. Here, experts explain this phenomenon and dispel other popular cheating myths. They're largely satisfied with all they have and aren't looking for a way out, yet they still find themselves in bed with other women—and in hot water with their wives.Whether you've been married for 30 days or 30 years, you're never really immune to an extramarital affair.