Alyssa doll still updating

04-Jul-2017 18:45

"Okay everyone," Mason announced, beckoning everyone forward.

"As you all know, this year's hunt we have two new family members, both coincidently sisters! " Alyssa slowly followed behind her sister, smiling and nodding politely at family members who watched her.

With the unique exception of Simone Stern's charity center, -which was set up exclusively by her husband- Alyssa realized none of the women worked.

Every last one was made to stay at home with the children.

Had they not been in the middle of a frightening forest, Alyssa could have mistaken this bunch as a genuine family and not a coven of cannibals.

Doing so would just put Cassi at risk, and that was something she couldn't allow to happen. Some wealthy investors are on the market and our hunt tonight will be used to fill those quotas." A man who looked to be in his forties scowled. Tell you what, we kill this prey, you boys are gonna help us catch three new kills. " The men and women hipped and cheered, almost as if something exciting was offered.Alyssa ignored the wave of nausea plaguing her remembering the old Ben.He was always being groomed for this, she had to remember that.After Alyssa politely joined greetings with other female members of the family, she felt compelled to grab Cassi and hold her close. Alyssa felt compelled to hogtie Cassi, throw her in Ian's car, jump in while screaming at him to drive away as fast as he could.

Unfortunately, -after Ian forewarned her in the car earlier- Alyssa could not keep grabbing and hugging onto Cassi in such a crazy fashion. The massive cannibal family would become suspicious as to why Alyssa was so panicked every time she saw her little sister. He watched her soundlessly from the car, looking more troubled than she had seen him look in a long time. Even as Alyssa exited the car and then went on to pretend nothing had just happened, he never moved.For so long Ben had been the brother she had never had.

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Short chapter but I plan on updating more this week. I'm not sure if anyone is still wanting to read this story but I plan on finishing it within the next few chapters. Strangely, Alyssa felt she had frightened Ian. He had looked beyond worried but he said nothing. Even as Alyssa exited the car and.… continue reading »

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