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11-Feb-2018 13:54

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As you insert them into the drawing the coordinates are filled in automatically.After moving an insert issue the REGEN command to update the values.It's likely you will want to turn on the "Align below previous attribute definition" toggle. The most important consideration now is that existing inserts don't have a placeholder for your new attribute!Auto CAD's built in ATTSYNC command can correct this.Disclaimer DISCLAIMER: DOTSOFT DISCLAIMS ANY AND ALL LIABILITY FOR ANY DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF THE USE OR OPERATION, OR INABILITY TO USE ANY INFORMATION AVAILABLE HERE.FURTHERMORE, BY USING THIS INFORMATION YOU AGREE TO HOLD DOTSOFT HARMLESS FROM SUCH CLAIMS.

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If you don't have this program you will need to use the Add/Remove Programs applet of the Windows Control Panel to add it.

If I open the xref and change a layer color when I go back into the drawing it is xref'ed into the layer color does not. AutoCAD General; Xref layer color change;… continue reading »

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You can use AutoCAD commands to control the display of Xrefs. For example, you can change the color, visibility, linetype, and other properties of xref layers with the AutoCAD VISRETAIN system variable.… continue reading »

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