Avg antivirus not updating 100 cell phone dating sites

18-Feb-2017 06:31

Hopefully someone here at BC can explain it in "novice" terms?

Something to do with an update manager kernel,whatever that is.

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Nield holds a Bachelor of Arts in English literature and lives in Manchester, England.12,145804,backpage=5,sv=*****The program update includes: Program update AVG Free 8.0 169Improvements Added new contacts Improved parsing of Google advertising URLs Implemented detection of newer version of Opera cookie Implemented AVG Toolbar compatibility with Firefox 3.0.1.Added new format of email certification Improvements in GUIFixed Bugs Fixed crash during the update process Fixed problems with detection of some external USB DVD/CD drives Fixed problem with inactive components after update Fixed problem with switching to small font size in Microsoft Internet Explorer after closing AVG User Interface Fixed repetitive backup of scanned files by Vista incremental backup service Fixed problem with link scanning if tag is presented on a web page Fixed problem with Whole Computer Scan on systems with damaged or not initialized partitions Fixed problem with crashes during the infected archive scanning Fixed problem with security vulnerability (reported by Sergio Alvarez) that could cause the scanning engine crash on specific samples Fixed problem with crash on some corrupted NSIS archives Fixed problem with MSN authentication Fixed possible crash of MS Outlook 2003 if AVG license has expired Fixed missing outgoing certification for emails with attachments if Personal E-mail Scanner is used Fixed problems with Alert Manager crashes Fixed problem with Microsoft Office slow-down if Microsoft Office plugin is used Cheers, John Thanks, John When I was searching that forum yesterday, I couldn't find a thing about this.same thing here 6 diferent systems on three diferent networks all having the same issues one network has 10 systems on it and 3 of them will not update except for offline updates.

the offline update fixed 2 ( originally 5 out of 10 would not update online) one of the systems which will not update is a fresh OS load Usually when you cannot connect to the server, it is either temporarily down or its usage is at capacity.Security programs interact with your system on a fundamental level, and if you have more than one anti-virus program installed at the same time it can cause problems -- such as preventing you from updating one or both of them.Alternatively, your firewall might be incorrectly marking AVG updates as potential security threats and preventing them from coming through.It is highly recommended to download anti-virus software only on offecial websites.