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06-Jul-2017 16:50

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It's at times like these that one cant help but miss the likes of the late TK & Lebo Mathosa... I'm crazy about good South African music, good sing alongs must be delivered by good voices, not this poor bubblegum, monotonous, boring sounds Nhlanhla has been giving us...and whats with the glamorous ball gowns and "Vula vula vula", do the 2 go hand in hand? Maybe I'm not that clued up with fashion but to me it simply doesnt gel!She honestly sings like she's worshipping at that white tent abayihloma right behind your house ekasi bese you are forced to go coz your mom keeps saying "!"Kelly's love songs sound like gospel songs and the thing is she's got such a beautiful voice!!!I mean, you can't teach the whole syllabus in one day now can you?

Sorry for going off topic....kinda forgot this is a TV gossip blog... As for the country presidency, soccer leadership...You people are not buying these boys' individual albums so they are going to record a duet album called Face Off and we hear it's dropping iin December. It was before in the morning and forgot the paper at my mother's ... Khanyi was also perfoming at the most talked about yet it SUCKS Soweto beach festival..perfomances are not there yet but the music is cool. I think people should consider firing themselves cause they are really not doing it right.Well, some people are praying that we won't have another "pepper spray" incident...I'm just singing....""I solemnly pledge myself before gossip lovers and in the presence of these celebrities to practice my gossip with dedication. The only thing I remember is something about Jabu Pule not "owning" a house but then it's not like he's the only celebrity "renting" a place.... I have heard 2 songs from it not including I miss you and the gal can sing atleast... .was wacky tacky nasty..those girls..they extras from "girls in da hood" or somethin.....whats with the eh If it was somebody else I would actually think its a good try..for her no no''re right about Live bringin a Gazzillion so-called artists to promote thir cd' album is out go get it..dissapointed by that 101 girl, she just looked washed out..the same girl I remember from 101...I think her name is tumeleng or ntabiseng or lady who got shaged by Preston and wa supposed to study Law beofer pop-stars.was hot and Mercy Pakela...whaaaaaaaaat!!!!