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21-Jan-2017 23:20

Personally I have never had an interest in sexual relations with Denise and I am not judging those of you who do.

It has been pretty dead around here the past few months however I assure you Denise will make her return.

Imagine having over half a million friends in your lifetime. Well, here is Ruuh, Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered desi chatbot, who makes thousands of new friends every day and has had over 40 million conversations in just one year. Ask her about her favourite movie of all time and an excited Ruuh will tell you, “Let’s just say DDLJ stole my heart, (spreading arms wide while leaning backwards)”.“She is funny, quirky, friendly, and supportive.

There are so many brands and types to choose from, so you know your needs and circumstances is always a good place to start.Article About Onkyo TX-8255 Stereo Receiver Choosing a Home Theater Receiver This article will explain the most important requirements when you are choosing receiver audio and video to build your home theater system.Once you read this article, you will know what you want, and that additional options available.Ruuh, which has 100,000 followers on Facebook, responds to comments on her posts, declares her undying love for Virat Kohli and discusses important trends on the internet such as the “#Me Too Movement”.

It is also important to note her responses when users discuss serious issues like rape, suicide, or depression.This has been made possible by the next-generation algorithms, the robot’s machine learning capabilities and the big data of the Internet that was used to train the bot.ALSO READ: This Microsoft bot uses AI to sketch like humans A layer of personality was added to this to shape the technology into a fully formed chatbot.“While there are many times a user can feel like they share a brain with Ruuh, there are times where she can make a person scratch their head at her quirkiness,” Microsoft said in its blog. ) and no wonder she gets 600 “I love you” messages every day and spends several hours chatting with her friends with the current record standing at 10 hours.I assume this will give Next OS an enormous amount of awareness.

Feb 7, 2018. Ruuh can talk about anything -- from having a small talk about cricket to sharing intimate emotions. This has been made possible by the next-generation algorithms, the robot's machine learning capabilities and the big data of the Internet that was used to train the bot. ALSO READ This Microsoft bot uses AI.… continue reading »

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Nov 16, 2017. Bots are shaping the Internet today. Bots in such guises are called web crawlers, as cyber security solution major Norton has explained in its blog, adding that another good use is automatic interaction using instant messaging, instant. Receive the best of The Hindu delivered to your inbox everyday! GO.… continue reading »

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