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02-May-2017 11:14

But mostly I like spending time and sharing laughs with friends.” Her favorite thing about New York: “I love that New York is the biggest little city in the world, in that New Yorkers stick together through thick and thin.

The camaraderie I experience from having lived here for so long is such a wonderful gift.

“I consider them all my babies, but I suppose the one that is most well known would be the Teenage Riot.

Named after a Sonic Youth song, it’s a Rittenhouse rye-based cocktail with Cynar, Dolin dry vermouth, Lustau Amontillado sherry, and Regan’s Orange Bitters No. It's kind of in the Manhattan family, but I think it has a lot more depth.” What she’s doing when she’s not working: “My boyfriend is a chef, and, not to be that cheese ball who says ‘I'm a foodie,’ but I will say that we spend a lot of time dining out.

It was my first baby." What she's doing when she's not working: "Hanging out on the other side of the bar.

I love the community and industry in which I work so I'm constantly out.

I do it to unwind -- and to be alone and take some ‘me’ time.” Her favorite thing about New York: “There is never a dull moment and never a person I've already met.

It's in constant flux and movement with millions of different people from different places and backgrounds.” Where to find her: Seamstress (address and info) Specialty: “One of the most popular cocktails we serve at Seamstress is the No Say with Ilegal mezcal, coconut, Aperol, lime, pineapple, and lemongrass," says Wiznitzer, who garnered major street cred behind the stick at the prestigious Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog before joining forces with Josh Mazza and Steve Laycock to bring Seamstress to a cocktail-deficient Upper East Side earlier this year.

If I can't get that far away I'll go upstate, go for a hike, or just find a river and read a book.Some people love to travel, some people buy fancy furniture, we go to really fancy restaurants and stuff our bellies on tasting menus.Aside from that I spend a lot of my free time at dive bars, tattoo shops, painting, and collecting records.Travel is a thirsty yes, but home is definitely here. I love the insane vibrant array of people that coexist here." Where to find her: Leyenda (address and info) Specialty: “At this point, I would say the Tia Mia [mezcal, rum, lime, orgeat, curaçao] is my specialty,” says the reigning Tales of the Cocktail American Bartender of the Year and former Julie Reiner protege.

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I love that you can be anyone and want anything and there will be a community of like-minded souls you can find. “My aim was to make a Mai Tai and amp it up with some of my favorite juice: mezcal.” What she’s doing when she’s not working: “I usually try to get out of the city and get some nature in my life.

Right now, I'm interested in exploring neighborhoods close to my home that I never venture to.

GREENPOINT; BUSHWICK;. It’s Speed Metal Dating. the comedian’s original North Brooklyn dating event at the Black Rabbit aimed at rabid fans of the Smiths.… continue reading »

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Nov 1, 2015. The Dead Rabbit was just named the world's best bar again, and for good reason the cocktails are truly some of the best in New York, and possibly even the world that includes the perfect Irish coffee. The drinks aren't cheap, but if you're looking for something a little more upscale for your date night.… continue reading »

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May 12, 2017. Modeled after Marie Antoinette's hidden chambers, and complete with pieces directly inspired by those in Versailles, this small, subterranean space's lavish décor gilded mirrors, tufted seating, exposed-stone walls make it a perfect date spot. It doesn't hurt that cocktails, from a Dead Rabbit vet, are equally.… continue reading »

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Reviews of Black Rabbit "This bar is amazing. By far the classiest bar in Greenpoint. occasionly themed speed dating events.” in 2 reviews.… continue reading »

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