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07-Apr-2017 02:35

Kim Wayans is one of the more serious Wayans, she had a role in Pariah.She also joined in with the family for “In Living Colour” , My Wife and Kids and Dance Flick.He has a net worth that is estimated to be in the region of million.Keenen was the pioneer of the Wayans comedy empire and he helped bring to the limelight the talents of his siblings.We’re no longer living in that era when people of colour were being regarded as less talented or less smart.There are now a number of people of African descent in the United States who have clearly shown that they possess the necessary skill set to make it in the entertainment industry or any other field of endeavor Anyone who has listened to African American comedy will know that it is relentless and extremely rib cracking, basically they are downright hilarious.

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Elvira Wayans is most famous for her work in My Wife and Kids, she also doubled as a writer for the show, her only screenplay credit.

His mother is a homemaker, singer, and social worker and his father is a supermarket manager. His Instagram account has more than 65.8k followers and 22.6k followers on Twitter.