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Select Grid View Property by right-clicking on the Grid View.24. Set the Grid View Property Allow Paging to True and Page Size to 4.43. Provide the code in the Source View of the Grid View for Confirmation Message ( 58.

Set this property as Show Footer to True, Show Header When Empty to True. Click again on the Edit Template at the Grid View Tasks.26. Then save all this Grid View data along with Registration number to the permanent table.59. Before that, add validation to the Text Box, so that it will not be empty and provide the Validation Group to the Save All Button. After clicking on the Save All Button, if the Text Box is Empty, you will get an error as in the following.62.

string connetion String = "YOUR_CONSTR" ; string upd Stmt = "UPDATE Quantity set [email protected]_pro4, [email protected]_pro5, [email protected]_profile5 " "where [email protected] Name"; using (Sql Connection cnn = new Sql Connection(connetion String)) I have tested this code, and it reads the table, and allows the edits of the records.

Make sure the parameters on the update match the field names (@branch Name, @Parent Id).

NETn Grid View Rg[ɃR}h Eh Eh E{^zuɂ́Hih E{^[email protected]ЉB @TIPSł́APɃ{^Nb Ns肵āAs̔wi FlɕύX邾łAۂ̃Av P[Vł͍s̎L[l擾āA̒lɉĉ炩̏s AƂP[X͂BŖh E{^Nb NۂɁAs̎L[l擾邽߂̂‚̃Av[`A̓IȃTvƂƂɏЉB @ȂA{eō쐬Tv́Au TIPSFm ASP. Web Controls OԁjƂĕԂB @ł́AGrid View Command Event Args Iu WFNg Command Argumentvpe BɂĎ擾sԍL[ɁAData Key Array Iu WFNg Ys Data Key Iu WFNgoĂi Command Argumentvpe Bɂ‚ẮAu TIPSFi{ҁjv QƂĂj B @܂AL[l̂̂擾ɂ́A擾Data Key Iu WFNg Valuevpe BɃANZX΂悢B @L[l擾łĂ܂΁AƂ͊ȒPAɃNURL𐮌`AResponse.

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Row Indexvpe BŎ擾łij B @Row Command Cxg EnhĂ݂ƁAx Grid View Command Event Args.Parameter name: index Another suggestion that failed, which I found online is: Dim action ID As Integer = Convert.To Int32(gv Office In I came across a similar problem before and after several attempt I reached the following observation: You can only access the visible fields.Add a Command Name as Delete to the Grid View Delete button.20.