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I don't like to write the secret password to the perl file. Net hi friends, Please tell me the key difference between the Vb. NET [VC /MFC emeritus]Old Dog Learns New Tricks Preferred programming language: cuneiform on clay tablets So ... Net: Net: Net:: LDAP:: FAQ------_=_Next Part_001_01C6429F. D89AA417 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Hello, Net:: LDAP Net:: LDAPS Is there a possible to LDAP bind with an encrypted (SHA, SSHA, CRYPT, ....) password? let your class is - class cls My Class now the first way - create objectcls My Class my Obj = new cls My Class();my Function(); // call function================... When you edit a row, controls in the row will changed to Text Box. One is to get the textbox control first, then retrieve the value from the textbox. Text; Try also to add this codes below protected void Grid View1_Row Editing(object sender, Grid View Edit Event Args e) Hi, zippo: In your gridview, the data columns are generated automatically. If I build a c# web app and someone builds a desktop app, can they communicate? Mike Banavige~~~~~~~~~~~~Need a site code sample in a different language?

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Since Last from 1 year i had develope web application in using now i want to transfer from to c#so what should i do to transform to c# language any link or book related to me through i can easily understand and coding using c# in a short time... Hi, you can read the specifications of the language. NET and how to program in an OO manner thanks to your experience with Object to Object Initialization in C#Hi, I want to Initialization the the base class object to derived class object.

Web Logic Arts.com/Demo there is a sample that shows that, (contrary to popular belief), it IS possible to mix ASP. But checked it is retrieving value for that web.config correctly. I would say if you are from Java/C/C , then C# would be easy to use for you. Thanks, Peter Iuvara, MCP I came from no real programming background, started i... Net or C#Has anyone Created a site with or C# can be seen on Internet .