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In our interview Kathy gives a masterclass on a Registrys planning around premium names including tips on how to acquire reserved names and how to enter into discussions with high value end users.Kathy also gives us a preview into premium name developments in the . Years ago a long time domainer expressed to me that I was a fool, he had no idea why I was a moderator at Namepros, especially working for free.I remember a long time moderator Mark, who was on Namepros from the beginning, he mentioned how he could no lo Purchase process was simple, straight-forward and easily understandable.No hassles and stress was experienced while purchasing my desired domain.

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Following on from the National Cyber Security Centres warning that cybersecurity poses the most serious threat to UK charities, Domain Tools selected ten well-known and popular charitable organizations in the UK to analyse, and found that every charity selected Neustar has announced the fourth auction of premium domain names aimed at the travel and tourism sector will take place with Sedo handling the auction until 10 May.

is high in demand and if you are a domain broker you might want to consider holding the domain.