Catholic dating a non denominational

01-Apr-2017 17:28

I am not for a moment suggesting that the settlement of godly men is found across the Protestant border.What I am saying is that women who are considering marriage must be sober-minded in their assessment of the spiritual maturity of their prospective husband, a maturity that will be in direct relation to a man's commitment to God's Word.But where there is a lack of solidarity, we must have the courage to acknowledge that as well. I just became a member literally like 5 mins ago but this question has been on my mind forever.

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Where we enjoy genuine unity, let's not be afraid to recognize it.

Precisely because of the biblical admonition expressed in 2 Corinthians 6, she had already broken up with her Catholic boyfriend. Ann wanted advice from me on how to give an answer for the nuptial hope within her.

Sep 22, 2014. Marrying a non-Catholic Christian would have been a better option for me, or even a religious Jewish woman, as is the case with many successfu marriages. But if your spouse is non-religious, or especially hostile to religion, I would cut my losses quickly and ask God for guidance in finding a Catholic.… continue reading »

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