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23-Dec-2017 03:34

Well, unfortunately, for a lot of men, it's why don't people want to have sex with me? This also leads to a bunch of guys who put up signs just asking girls to show them their tits.

I will not go down this pathway — go look at evolutionary psychology for more on this. Or all the guys you knew in high school that simply hid their sexual desires in socially-acceptable, slightly-nuanced euphemism. As fellow men on the site, you're either completely disinterested by this since it has nothing to do with you, or you're trying to do the same thing and realising that there's a lot of competition.

" Hell, I'll even recount some Internet memes for you: Remember how awesome Numa Numa (Dragostea din tei) was? I think at this point, many people that know about Chatroulette actively don't want to express anything positive about the meme (if retain their experiences at all.) To many, the user experience they had with Chatroulette was not awesome.

As anything that offers anonymity and a break from cultural taboo (and then thrives on it,) it will inevitably devolve some people to core instinct. Remember how I said above that Chatroulette removed a cultural taboo?

Chatroulette appears to be attempting to harness these product divisions: if I visit Chatroulette now, I see "Date Someone" and "California", allowing me to either talk to someone locally (bringing the cultural taboo in a notch) or an ability to hope that maybe I'll stop being a lonely exhibitionist and date somebody that wants to have sex with me (but that's not gonna stop the exhibitionist demographic, as much as I think everyone involved with Chatroulette hopes it will.)Chatroulette had its chance with its powerful assimilation the first time around, but it really didn't fully get memetic expression, largely because I suspect Andrey did it out of social experiment and wasn't expecting to build a sustainable product at the time.

They're doing a good job from learning from mistakes, but the problem still remains that there are a lot of pervs in the world. It's an unfortunate tenet of mainstream human nature.

Many social games are based on motivating core instincts or desires - one time during a chat with a social game developer of a very, very popular game, he stated that they had a large hook into the female demographic due to the fact that their game exploited nurturing instincts.Unfortunately, many psychological theories — from Freud to evolutionary psychology — will underscore that this means that men, as a gender, are largely sexually driven. That means we end up with a lot of demographics and a pretty obvious question to be asked: Who are you when presented with an ability to remove a cultural taboo?For many people, you're still roughly the same person.Culturally, we live in small social circles of friends and acquaintances; strangers are often interacted with but largely through transactional necessity (think about it: if I approached you on the street and you had no idea who I was, and I attempted to strike up a conversation with you, you'd most likely find me mentally unstable, if not just culturally taboo.) Chatroulette offered a subversion of common cultural interaction: everybody's a stranger, and you no longer have to worry about the things most people often worry about in social situations, such as ego and self-consciousness.

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It's just you and the other guy, and, to some extent, either who you really are at your psychological core or who you want strangers to perceive you as.All sorts of things can push people socially, but in the core assimilation stage, it's often a factor of something such as solving a problem, giving people a way to live out a fantasy they have, exploitation of a core human instinct or just pure novelty — people are often naturally attracted to new things (who says we aren't in this world of startups and risk?)I personally think that Chatroulette nailed itself on the assimilation stage through novelty — they gave people something they weren't used to seeing.If you're intolerant of the pervs and feel it's a cultural boundary too far crossed, you're not going to care after this initial novelty.

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