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28-Mar-2017 22:22

There is that moment of sheer happiness when you find you two actually click. It’s great for a while, but eventually you get bored and wish your parents had signed you up for summer camp so you would have some place to be with other kids around you and a semblance of an ordered life. Maybe at this point in life marriage is not the goal. Time is now a treasured asset, something to be valued and made the most of.I feel lucky to be able to move forward with a man I can call my truest friend.So if you suspect your partner of being unfaithful, you may want to watch out for them signing up to a site tomorrow.In previous years, the peak online dating day has coincided with Brits’ first day back at work, typically on January 2 or 3.On my 26th wedding anniversary, my husband stood up from the table where we sat with our dear friends all in various stages of inebriation, pulled me from my chair and put his arms around me. I could have served time for manslaughter and been free by now!

Though I was in my forties, I had still never even been to a bar alone.

But as more daters have switched from desktop services to mobile apps, this has moved to the time most singles are likely to be curled up on the sofa or getting an early night.

Males will be quicker to act on their New Year’s quest for love than their female counterparts.

Dating apps are a fun, low investment way to find out if there is someone out there for you.

And with more people likely to be online on January 1st than any other time this year, your chances of success will be even higher!

It was with an air of desperation and a vision of the gray haired version of Richard Gere, only maybe a bit taller, that I entered the world of online dating.