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During the Three Kingdoms era, Liu Bei's Shu was based in Sichuan.The area was devastated in the 17th century by Zhang Xianzhong's rebellion and the area's subsequent Manchu conquest, but recovered to become one of China's most productive areas by the 19th century.Sichuan, formerly romanized as Szechuan or Szechwan, is a province in southwest China occupying most of the Sichuan Basin and the easternmost part of the Tibetan Plateau between the Jinsha River on the west, the Daba Mountains in the north, and the Yungui Plateau to the south. Their conquest by Qin strengthened it and paved the way for the First Emperor's unification of China under the Qin dynasty. In antiquity, Sichuan was the home of the ancient states of Ba and Shu.The region was torn by constant warfare and economic distress as it was besieged by the Tibetan Empire.

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It was one of the last mainland areas to fall to the Communists during the Chinese Civil War and was divided into four parts from 1949 to 1952, with Chongqing restored two years later.In 221, during the partition following the fall of the Eastern Han - the era of the Three Kingdoms - Liu Bei founded the southwest kingdom of Shu Han (蜀汉; 221–263) in parts of Sichuan, Guizhou and Yunnan, with Chengdu as its capital.Shu-Han claimed to be the successor to the Han dynasty.In 263, the Jin dynasty of North China, conquered the Kingdom of Shu-Han as its first step on the path to unify China again, under their rule.