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In 1997, the company sold all 354 company-owned restaurants to its largest franchisee.In 2002, Arby’s purchased Sybia, Inc, its 2nd largest franchisee.In 2005, Arby’s purchased RTM Restaurant Group, its largest franchisee.In early 2017 the company returned to Kuwait with two franchises.The first restaurant served roast beef sandwiches, chips, and soda.

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I am not even a Laura Ingram fan I just think we should be able to dis-agree without trying to cause harm to each other as Americans.

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What you are doing with this boycott to Laura Ingram is just WRONG!

As for Laura, she simply told this idiot the truth, something you can’t seem to handle!

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I’m so tired of this moron hogg being called a ‘survivor’ of Parkland, when he wasn’t even there, but rode a bicycle to get to his 15 minutes of fame, and that’s ALL he wanted!

Also in the interview with The Outline at David Hogg’s mothers home it appears to me that Gabriela Del Valle started the f bomb throwing.