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It is not certain whether the Julian date or day number system was named after Joseph Scaliger's father, Julius Caesar Scaliger, or after the Julian calendar. 2) Commonly in computer programming, Julian date has been corrupted to mean the number of elapsed days since the beginning of a particular year.For example, in this usage, the Julian date for the calendar date of 1998-02-28 would be day 59.

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The ".3423000001348555" represented the time of day (" EST").

Over the next few articles, we’ll discuss how you can clearly define roles and responsibilities of your accounting department, starting with the basics.

While some people may have a differing opinion, the essential roles and duties of virtually any accounting department should include the following: Now that you know the roles of the accounting department, who are the key players.

The functions of the accounting and finance department in any business can get a little confusing.

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Entrepreneurs tend think and move quickly, so ensuring the accounting department is stable is pivotal in the growth of your business.

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