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25-Jul-2017 23:49

She may welcome a friend to do things with that has no expectations of dating.

She may be happy to date you but until you get to know her better as a friend, you'll risk turning her off if she's not ready. When someone is used to married life, they may date anybody just to be coupled and feel comfortable again.

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Understand that you might be ready and available to date; recognize that she may not be.Then one day they wake up feeling like they're back where they started and you're out.Doing activities together as friends will create the space to discover whether she's ready for dating and you can be checking if your requirements will be met.Nina Potter | ninapotter.| 1.651.773.0732 Michelle responds …

Getting back into dating or getting into another relationship after separating / divorcing is very different for different people.

Most people attempt to avoid the pain of exploring how they co-created relationship difficulties.