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30-Jun-2017 06:33

Contra : Mac users can only use the restore function of Tune Swift.

If you transfer i Tunes manually , you will soon recognize that everything needs to be organized in the i Tunes predefined structure and consolidated, otherwise you risk losing data and a lot of time.

I'll still keep my vault on the other external; consolidating the images will give me more room.

You've got a new PC or Mac and wish to transfer your i Tunes library to the new computer without losing songs, apps or any other kind of data?

You can try to correct this and change the “i Tunes media folder location”.

You’ll find the possibility to change the location in i Tunes –“Edit“– “Preferences” – “Advanced”.

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If you don’t copy the i Tunes folder back to the exact same location, i Tunes won’t be able to find the media files.It is easy to use and enables you to backup, transfer and restore the i Tunes library to a new PC or Mac. To install the program just follow the on screen instructions. You’ll now find three buttons/options: 1 Transfer 2 Backup and 3 Restore i Tunes 1) To move your i Tunes library to a new computer hit the “Transfer” button.2) Now you can decide whether you want to copy i Tunes to a PC or a Mac.See Make a split library portable for general background.

With certain limited exceptions tracks should not be moved around by hand.

If you made sure that everything is stored in the i Tunes folder and i Tunes keeps your media folder organized automatically, you can try to transfer i Tunes manually.