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17-Jan-2018 14:53

If you have settled on a property you wanted to purchase, but the buyer has pulled out of purchasing your current property, therefore breaking the chain, bridging finance can be arranged.Then, once your property is sold, the loan can be repaid.Just tell us who you owe money to, how much you owe and how much you can afford to pay each month. We will assess your position fully, advise you on the options available to help you make a decision as to which option is the best for you.If we recommend that a debt management solution is the right solution for you we will negotiate with your creditors to agree an affordable and sustainable monthly repayment. You make one single affordable payment to us each month and we distribute a pro-rata payment to your creditors.The question that naturally presents itself is “Why us? We will always treat you fairly and act in your best interests.We will also provide you with the highest standards of service.This allows experienced property investors and developers to purchase a property which requires work on it, to make it habitable, as well as the finance to carry out the works.Property developers have often missed opportunities because they haven’t been able to raise finance for a project.

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There are many companies at present offering debt management. We will only recommend debt management if this is the right solution for you.We can help you access a range of debt solutions, depending upon your own personal circumstances.These include informal debt management plans, an IVA, trust deeds and Debt Arrangement Schemes for Scottish residents, Debt Relief Orders, Bankruptcy and debt consolidation.But it can be a solution for many other instances too.

Short term bridging finance can be arranged for many of our specialist areas.

Also working in partnership with other organisations to help people make the most of their money.

Consolidating student loans. as of now, but you can refinance and texas both federal andprivate student loans. Like obtaining a private student loan,… continue reading »

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