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19-Dec-2017 20:18

Sales of moly coated bullets are at an all time low due to these facts.

The following bullets will no longer be available with Moly coating (they will be still available as non-coated bullets): 20 cal 35 gr Varmint Moly 20 cal 40 gr Varmint Moly 22 cal 52 gr Target Moly 22 cal 80 gr VLD Target Moly 6mm 68 gr Target Moly 6mm 105 gr BT Target Moly 6mm 105 gr VLD Target Moly 6.5mm 140 gr VLD Target Moly 30 cal 168 gr VLD Target Moly Our first step is to let everyone know that this will happen.

Next, we need to test whether our self-updating chart actually works.

Fortunately, this is by far the easiest part of the process.

This frees up precious capacity and reduces the number of set ups we must process.

The following bullets will be discontinued due to low sales: 22 cal 50 gr Target (Alternative = 22 cal 52 gr) 22 cal 62 gr Varmint (Alternative = 22 cal 60 gr or 22 cal 64 gr) 6mm 62 gr Target (Alternative = 6mm 62 gr Euwin) 6mm 66 gr HIBCFB Varmint (Closest option is 6mm 69 gr HIBCFB requires 1 in12” twist) 6.5mm 85 gr Target (Closest option is 6.5mm 100 gr BT which requires 1 in 10” twist) Another factor in this situation is that we are constantly updating our line with bullets made on improved designs.

When a new bullet is found to be a superior option, the older bullet not only becomes less popular, but it is not in keeping with our policy of making the best bullets available.

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Tick the box labeled My table has headers, then press OK.Lay out your information, double-check that every column has a sensible header, and you’ll be ready for the next step..Rather than just making your data look neat and tidy, they help you group information together.One of our greatest challenges is growing our capacity to handle the fact that we are blessed with constantly increasing demand.

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One of the ways that we are dealing with this situation is to discontinue bullets that are not popular.You won’t have to depend on others to manipulate or mess up the chart, and you won’t have to do all that extra work either.You don’t need any Visual Basic skills, but you do need to understand the basic fundamentals of Excel charts.The end goal here is to create a table that feeds data to a chart.