Courtship dating sample

19-Mar-2017 01:15

If you are of an age to consider marriage for yourself, seek out at least one couple you know and trust, who has a good marriage, and ask them to help mentor you in preparing for marriage.

I have made recommendations for couples courting when there is no family nearby.

Dear Cada, As I am sure you are well aware that you are not alone in your situation.

Today we are seeing approximately 50% of marriages ending up in divorce.

A strong spiritual life, nurtured through prayer and the sacraments, is absolutely necessary for a marriage to survive.

Be sure that you have what you are desiring for a spouse in your fiancé, before you get married!

Take time to watch some good old movies, with old-time values. There are also some excellent tape series that have been made on marriage. Some places to look are: parents of friends, aunts and uncles, grandparents, and married couples at church. If you know a family that is happy and healthy, make the effort to spend time with them. All married couples fight – what is important is to have good conflict resolution skills.

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