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19-Mar-2017 01:15

I know some people might find the Collin’s family from my book “idealistic” for today’s world.

Yet, the truth is, I know many families just like this.

Living according to the Church’s teachings on marriage is essential to a healthy, vital and happy married life.

At times these teachings can seem impossible – which is why we need God’s grace to get us through.

Dear Cada, As I am sure you are well aware that you are not alone in your situation.

Today we are seeing approximately 50% of marriages ending up in divorce.

But be advised: a fiancé who does not support you in your faith or the Church’s teachings on marriage will not likely change suddenly after marriage.

Be sure that you have what you are desiring for a spouse in your fiancé, before you get married!

Unfortunately, so many people have bought into the lie that good marriages no longer exist and are impossible to achieve.A strong spiritual life, nurtured through prayer and the sacraments, is absolutely necessary for a marriage to survive.Knowing all these things before you get married will hopefully help you to make a good decision in choosing a spouse.But, couples who live according to the Catholic Church’s teaching (practicing Natural Family Planning) have a less than 5% divorce rate.

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That’s a ten-times better chance at marriage than those who practice contraception and sterilization in their marriages.They enjoy a dynamic family life, enriched by the blessings of children.They are raising their children with a love for the Lord, His Church and His Holy Word.Statistically, children from divorced families are more likely to become sexually active before marriage and once married they have a higher divorce rate than the regular population. The fact that you seek good examples of marriage shows that you are ahead of the game compared to many of your peers from similar backgrounds. I commend you in your effort to seek role models that would help you be able to enter into a good, healthy, happy and lifelong marriage someday.