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29-Apr-2017 02:57

Thus, sorry to disappoint but it is not clear at this point whether COVs will go up or down.

On balance, my guess would be that they are likely to trend downwards due to the upcoming supply and current poor sentiment in the property market. says, "Fundamentally, I would agree with you that whether the shifting of buyers to BTO offset by the increase in demand of HDB resale will cause an increase or decrease of COVs would be anyone's guess.

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Anecdotally, we've heard that agents have been saying demand for resale flats have fallen by about 20 per cent and COVs have started to fall since the raising of the income ceiling. In fact, a total of 99,000 households fell in the ,000 to ,000 category and their real estate needs would be unpredictable."Well said!

Over time, this bacterial invasion causes harm to the cow’s mammary gland, reeking havoc on the milk being produced.

Using a phylogenetic approach we provide evidence that Co V diversity in bats is shaped by both species richness and their geographical distribution, and that Co Vs exhibit clustering at the level of bat genera, with these genus-specific clusters largely associated with distinct Co V species.

Co-phylogenetic analyses revealed that cross-species transmission has been more common than co-divergence across coronavirus evolution as a whole, and that cross-species transmission events were more likely between sympatric bat hosts.

When our adrenal glands are overworked for long periods of time, there is a overload of cortisol in the blood.

When we drink this milk, we are then exposed to the millions of stress-response cells in the milk of cows.From parasitic worms to cancerous tumors, these diseases are often passed along to the next generation of cows, and more often, into the milk we drink.Often times the conditions in which cows live, as well as the rigorous milking regimes, cause dairy cattle to live in a permanent state of sympathetic (stress) response, as well as adrenal over-load. Propwise What the raised income ceiling means for the property market by Dennis Ng resulted in quite a few comments from our readers.