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Our sexual appetites were refined over thousands years of scarcity.When the attractive other was seen, all energy and thoughts were focused on it. Type webcam girl in your search browser and you will see a slew of modern prostitutes who never have to ask a man to wear a condom.There are so many to choose from, why choose at all?So much of what we see in technological progress is simply the ability to satisfy very strong instinctual desires that were meant to keep us and our genes going through very difficult and sparse times, but not so healthy for a modern person with an internet connection, a credit card and a Whole Foods nearby.Those desires were strong because scarcity was the rule, not the exception.Think about the three most common killers of people in the industrialized world: smoking, drinking and overeating.The Internet has changed many things; for example, remember opening a letter from an old friend?

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In a survey done on a popular social networking site, women said that over 50% of males that contacted them at some point requested a form of cybersex.

Our ability to feed on each other's primal instincts should not be underestimated; it is often a cruel and ruthless exercise, like teasing a dog with a steak.

As our society matures, which, in spite of everything, it is doing, we should begin to control this type of marketing.

Twenty years ago, someone from a small or medium sized village or town, single, in their 30’s, didn’t have a big choice of eligible partners. Just a few numbers to put things in perspective, world population, 6.7 billion, internet users 1.7 billion, number of registered users on major social networking sites, over 1 billion, which we can estimate to around 500 million unique people registered on social networking sites and about 50 million on strictly dating sites (harder to find accurate number for strictly dating sites).

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The internet allows us to kick the tires before we engage someone.On the more bizarre side of things, people can explore their dark sides hiding in the anonymity of the internet.A recent survey showed that almost 20% of people had switched genders at some point in online chat rooms or dating sites.The response was important, but a good letter, once it was finished, had the feeling of an essay.