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Corn oil: Compared to others oils, high-oleic corn oil produced the fewest polar compounds (a measure of lipid oxidation) in response to 20 hours of frying at 190 °C.Canola oil: Humans who eat high-oleic canola oil have more oleic acid in their LDL particles.In 1909, we got about 2.7% of our calories from linoleic acid. Uncovered data from the ancient studies used to support this idea show that replacing saturated fat with linoleic acid-rich oils give no benefit.If anything, it’s actually worse, reducing cholesterol (“good”) and increasing mortality (unequivocally bad).More oleic acid in your LDL particles means greater resistance to oxidation (and presumably greater resistance to heart disease).Soybean oil: The only human study I found showed that compared to other types of soybean oil, high-oleic soybean oil results in greater increases in HDL.Fragility: Linoleic acid has a bad tendency to oxidize when exposed to heat.Since these oils are being used in deep-fryers, sauté pans, and processed (cooked) food all over the world, the majority of the linoleic acid people consume has been partially oxidized.

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The historic human diet contained very little linoleic acid; the modern industrial diet contains excessive amounts, mostly thanks to our reliance on these oils.Whatever you want to say about the reliability of using lipid numbers to divine health status, higher HDL is pretty much always a good thing.Sunflower oil: High-oleic sunflower oil is extremely stable in frying conditions, with any instability being attributed to its linoleic acid content.College kids grabbing a burger and fries at 2 am after the party lets out won’t be flooding their ethanol-compromised livers with linoleic acid that makes the hepatic situation worse.

Pregnant women who can’t stomach anything but processed junk in the first trimester won’t be constructing their future children out of rancid vegetable oil.

And so when we talk about “limiting vegetable oils,” our main beef is with the linoleic acid content.

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