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Last April Pope Francis, after asking O'Brien to undertake a "period of prayer and penance," sent Archbishop of Malta Charles Scicluna to compile a report into the Cardinal's transgressions, which one of the priests Scicluna interviewed described as "hot enough to burn the varnish" off the Pope's desk.Earlier this week, it was confirmed by a spokesman for the Edinburgh archdiocese that Francis had received Scicluna's findings and was making a decision on O'Brien's future.Despite relinquishing the associated rights and privileges, however, O’Brien will retain the title of cardinal."I wish to repeat the apology which I made to the Catholic Church and the people of Scotland some two years ago now on March 3, 2013.Cardinal Keith O’Brien, who was Britain's most senior Roman Catholic cleric before stepping down from his position in 2013 following revelations of sexual misconduct, has resigned the rights and privileges of a cardinal, the Vatican announced in a statement on Friday."The Holy Father has accepted the resignation of the rights and privileges of a cardinal expressed in canons 349, 353 and 356 of the Code of Canon Law, presented by his eminence Cardinal Keith Michael Patrick O'Brien, archbishop emeritus of St.O'Brien is the first cardinal since 1927 to resign from the cardinalate, when French Cardinal Louis Billot resigned due to political differences with Pope Pius XI.

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For that I am deeply sorry," said O'Brien in his statement on Friday.

As a result of Friday's announcement, the Cardinal can no longer take part in a future conclave or assist in the governance of the Church.

"Cardinal O'Brien will also be reduced to a strictly private life with no further participation in any public, religious or civil events," said the Catholic Church of Scotland, which serves the 15.9 percent of Scots who describe themselves as Catholic.

The priest and I got on very well and got to know each other fairly well.

I was 42 and in a marriage I considered to be over and the priest was 34.I had not been to church in many years and my daughter whom had been showing an interest in faith wanted to become a Catholic like me.We contacted the local church and were contacted by the new Filipino priest in town for my daughter to start RCIC classes.I fell in love with my priest and later married him — the same torrid forbidden love story that fuels Mc Cullough’s classic novel.