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07-Jun-2017 06:53

They found there were 18 percent more 9-enders registered than there would be if the site's users represented a completely random sample of ages.

Across the six studies, Alter and Hershfield also found that 9-enders reported being particularly preoccupied with aging, and were more likely to wonder whether their lives were meaningful.

For example, her research showed that the likelihood of infidelity jumps from around 5 percent for men whose wives make equal financial contributions to 15 percent for men who are economically dependent on their wives. But 85 percent of men [who are dependent on their wives] aren't cheating," she said. Munsch said that there are certain psychological traits that are correlated to cheating, such as extreme risk-taking behavior or low morality, and that people's environment also plays a role.

If a person with certain traits gets placed in a situation of high opportunity, that can be a good indicator that infidelity will take place.

If I'm trying to lose weight, I don't keep cookies in the house. If you're looking for a 'magic bullet,’ don't be in the situation" where cheating could happen.

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In 2012, Munsch reviewed the literature for trends surrounding infidelity.She found that for both men and women, being economically dependent (making less money than your spouse) was correlated to increased rates of cheating."The less money you make relative to your spouse, the more likely you are to cheat.Miguel Cavazos is a photographer and fitness trainer in Los Angeles who began writing in 2006.

Sep 21, 2017. In The Secret Life of the Cheating Wife Power, Pragmatism, and Pleasure in Women's Infidelity, another book on infidelity to be published this November, the sociologist. To do so, she interviews 40 women who sought or participated in extramarital relationships through the Ashley Madison dating site.… continue reading »

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