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Agriculturalists and pastoralists speaking Bantu languages, such as the Owambo and Herero, arrived in the fifteenth through seventeenth centuries and settled throughout northern and central Namibia.In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Nama- and Afrikaans-speaking pastoralists, under pressure from white settlers in South Africa, moved into southern and central Namibia.At independence, English was chosen as the primary language for government and education because it was not associated with any particular ethnicity and could facilitate interaction with the outside world.Urban dwellers, young people, and northerners are more likely to have learned it. The colors on the national flag symbolize important natural and human characteristics of Namibia: sunlight and the desert (yellow), rain and the ocean (blue), crops and vegetation (green), the blood shed in war (red), and peace and reconciliation (white). Namibia was colonized by Germany and South Africa and was named Südwestafrika or South West Africa.Those who opposed colonial rule preferred Namibia, from a Nama/Damara word meaning "shield" used for the coastal desert, the Namib, which long protected the interior from access by sea.The population is youthful, with 44 percent aged fourteen and under and only 4 percent older than 65.About 60 percent live in the far north, where rainfall is sufficient for grain farming.

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At independence on 21 March 1990, SWAPO became the first democratically elected ruling party of the new nation, a position it has held through two subsequent elections.The survivors were settled on barren reserves and forced to work in mines and on commercial farms.Since labor was short, large numbers of men from the far north, a densely-populated area not subject to white settlement, were brought south as contract laborers.The flat north-central and northeastern regions have extensive flood plains and areas of dense vegetation.

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