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Many Owens-Illinois Glass Company soda bottles, for a period of time, used “G-numbers” on the bottom (numerals before or after a G), which were codes for a specific bottle shape (design), irrespective of the soda brand name or glass color.

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Many whiskey bottles are seen with “D-numbers” on the bottom which are distillery identification codes.Probably in the majority of cases, single digit numbers are mold numbers, merely serving to identify a particular mold, (or section/mold cavity in an automatic bottle manufacturing machine) that was used to form the bottle or other glass item.If a number of identical bottle molds are being used simultaneously, each mold would be assigned a number.It is very easy to determine if the shards belong to the plateware manufactured before the 19th century.

Responses to Numbers on the bottoms of glass bottles and jars. KY factory, and perhaps some were made at Muncie also– presumably dating in the 1870s-1880s.… continue reading »

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Footwork & Observation Approximate Dating of China Shards & Bottle Glass Pieces… continue reading »

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Authentic Handmade Tile ~ Glazed Handmold ~ SenecaCotto ~ ~ Luxury Glass Mosaics ~ Crackled Glass Stoneware ~. Using methods dating back to… continue reading »

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