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Groups, sites, advice, and resources for fiction writers, editors, readers, and fans (and in fiction these groups mix and mingle!

) • Editing and revising fiction • Should you hire a professional editor?

Her references: Chicago Manual of Style (CMo S) and Merriam-Websters Collegiate Dictionary (MW) plus Garners Modern American Usage (Modern English Usage in its latest edition).

Responding to Vague Editing Requests (Erin Brenner, Copyediting, 3-16-18) What you need to know to respond, and how you can ask it, with a template for responding to inquiries from self-publishing fiction authors.

Ive found that authors often have difficulty maintaining a consistent timeline." ---Thinking Fiction: The Novel-Editing Roadmap I (Carolyn Haley, An American Editor, 5-15-17) To accommodate the tendency for an editor to "stop seeing individual words and punctuation" on a second read-through, and because self-published novelists usually have a low budget for editing, Haley relies on "a combination of editing software tools to tackle the nitpickery that would otherwise slow down the edit and distract me from the content elements no computer can address." Also, "the first thing I do is make a new copy of the file and rename it to indicate its an edited version.

The authors original is never touched again, and always available in the event of a document or computer crash." "Preflight" is the first of her four-stage work routine preflight, formatting, editing, and cleanup.

25 Things to Look for in a Romance Editor (Cate Hogan, fiction editor and romance writer, July 2017) Copyediting and the Power of Word Choices: An Interview with Sara Brady on copyediting romance novels (Smart Podcast, Trashy Books #197, 6-3-16) Listen, or scroll down to click on and read a transcript.

Between the novella and the novel, Burnett "was asked to turn the initial story into a play, which began its run a couple of years before she expanded her story into a novel." Parker uses the differences between the two works to bring the concept "show, not tell" to life for creative writing students.• Books on editing and revising fiction • Critiquing and small writers groups • Books for and about critiquing groups • Books and articles for fiction writers and editors • Organizations for fiction writers • Markets for novels • Markets for short stories • MFA literary fiction vs.NYC • Interviews with novelists and fiction writers plus interesting profiles and obituaries • Paris Review interviews with fiction writers • Genre fiction and fiction genres • Mysteries, suspense, thrillers, and crime novels • Science fiction and fantasy • The difference between mysteries, suspense novels, and thrillers • Romance novels and novelists • Erotic novels • Historical fiction • Graphic novels • Types of story, plot • Plots, story structure, narrative arc, conflict, and suspense • Setups and payoffs • Openings and closings (best ledes--good first and last lines) • Show, don't tell • Point of view • Voice in fiction • Creating interesting characters Description and settings Improving dialogue • Short stories renaissance • Flash fiction • Links to more sites, advice, and resources for fiction writers What Its Actually Like to Work With a Book Editor (Blake Atwood, The Write Life, 5-22-17). (Writer Beware's excellent links, including some of these: Should You Pay Someone to Edit Your Work?The sensitivity reader is one more line of defense against writers tone-deaf, unthinking mistakes. Every Writer Needs an Editor, Especially if that Writer is Also an Editor (Jessica Strawser, Publishers Weekly, 3-24-17) The editorial director of Writers Digest discusses how many revisions it took to get her novel ready for publication.

Thinking Fiction: Indie-Editor House Style, Part One (Carolyn Haley, An American Editor, 2-5-18) Develop your own house style and style sheet when working with indie fiction writers.Thinking Fiction: The Novel-Editing Roadmap III (Carolyn Haley, An American Editor, 9-11-17) Indie-author manuscripts do not come to her previously groomed and styled in-house, as manuscripts from publishers do. (Louise Harnby, Proofreader's Parlour, 11-12-16) Visible Track Off4 is an alternative TC on/​off switch.This round of editing is to format and style the manuscript in standard ways that indie authors seldom know how to do right (so this piece is, in a way, a checklist for indie authors who want to get things as right on their own from the start). You run this macro instead of using Words TC button.Preflights purpose is to set up the manuscript for reading: tidying up errors and inconsistencies, minimizing the number of elements your eye needs to attend to during editing.

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