Dating girl borrows money

23-Mar-2017 06:31

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With that said, whatever is “a substantial” amount of money to you, is FAR too much for you to be loaning to a girlfriend/boyfriend that you DON’T live with, ESPECIALLY when your ass doesn’t have the heart to collect.

And the reality of the situation is that MOST people don’t know, nor have the heart, to collect their money from the person they love and deeply care about.

These tips are inspired by a reader, who says: “My 65 year old boyfriend is preparing to retire.

Here are five things to think about when your boyfriend asks for money and you aren’t sure if you should lend it to him.

This dude never checked her credit score, or asked for references, or told her to put up any collateral.In fact, most financial mistakes couples make occur BEFORE marriage, because most people don’t know how to manage their finances with their lover BEFORE marriage officially solidifies everything.People do dumb sh*t like loaning each other money with completely informal agreements, allowing someone to use their car without outlining boundaries and even setting up joint accounts without tracking how the money comes in and clearly delineating how the funds should be split after a break up.The simple truth is loaning money is a BUSINESS transaction, and a relationship is a PERSONAL endeavour, which makes the entire situation intrinsically designed to FAIL.

Now understand, I am NOT saying that I believe my friend shouldn’t have given his woman the K, I’m saying it’s STUPID to expect a professional interaction to NOT impact your relationship.

Despite my solid gold advice, many girlfriends will say yes when their boyfriends ask to borrow money. Here’s why B.’s boyfriend asked to borrow money, and her financial situation: “He is a very generous person, but he is not good with money as evidenced by his need to file for bankruptcy at this stage of the game.