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24-Jun-2017 06:42

Feminists who mistakes this post for misogyny that has no root in reality who wish to burn me at the stake after reading this post can do so, but ONLY after spending at least one month in Slovakia and observing what goes on in this country from a front row seat, somewhere on a bench next to the entrance of a shopping centre like Eurovea. Kinda like English society, but without the cosy bookshops to flee away from all the keeping up appearances gymnastics.They do not need to suffer through the whole month if they can admit there’s some truth to this post before the end of the month. They are very feminine and enjoy wearing feminine clothing rather than jeans and a t-shirt, like other women tend to dress.If you are looking for a partner, soulmate, wife or girlfriend who is beautiful and educated, select a program and register for our dating services so we can start making your dreams come true today!If she is hot and intellectually vapid, you will need to bring a lot of material wealth to the table. As you will be providing lots of chauffeuring services for this girl in exchange for riding her, from time to time, while she’s still on her mobile posting selfies of her freshly painted toe nails.

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I mean, there’s a reason why very intelligent women end up alone. If she’s very intelligent and she’s running out of time she may opt to let you believe you’re the smart one.

Slavic countries are Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Russia, Belarus, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Ukraine and by ‘Slavs’ as an ethnic group we mean exactly on them.

Since 6th century these Slavic peoples have spread further east into the Russian sub-continent and south into the Balkans and after all this time they have remained as one of the prettiest groups among human population.

One Slovak beauty described her fellow female nationals as: ‘fashion-slaved and instinct-driven girls’. An other Slovak beauty described the social climate in Slovakia with only one emphatically pronounced word: ‘primitive’. It can be worth it, but you’ll have to brace yourself for lots of bitch shields, shit tests, superficiality, materialism, cheap glamour and quite a bit of alcohol…

First, you’ll need to determine what kind of Slovak girl you’re dealing with. We’ve been accused of trying to put Slovenky in y-shaped boxes. We treat every person as the uniquely flawed individual he or she undoubtedly is, but for the sake of brevity and overview, we did have to squeeze them in a couple of compartments in the big boat of Slovak women. There’s no huge boat floating along the Danube river filled with Slovak ladies.

Elizabeth, commonly known as the Blue Church, is an iconic example of Art Nouveau.