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06-Aug-2017 20:55

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This is just one in a new series of books that are intended to help us ‘adults’ make sense of the world by taking us back to the days when we were learning to read using those Peter and Jane books. Those wholesome kids who spent their days skipping through fields of daisies (or whatever it is kids got up to in the days before smartphones and i Pads).Lots of fully-grown adults can’t get their heads around the concept of dating.I find I feel less sorry for myself after reading these hilarious explanations of what dating is like. Well at least for me they were and I remember loving them till of course a certain age and outgrowing them just as easy.We all must remember Ladybird books while growing up isn’t it? So then the very same Ladybird books have come out (of course they are an imprint of Penguin Random House) with a series for grown-ups and the first one I happened to read in the series was “The Ladybird book of Dating”. Well at least for me they were and I remember loving them till of course a certain age and outgrowing them just as easy.I’d recommend the Ladybird Book of Dating to anyone who feels like being a bit nostalgic while having a good giggle at the same time.I can’t wait to get my hands on some the other books in the series (according to the back of the book there are dedicated guides to Dumping, The Ex, Friends With Benefits and Tinder Hacking ).

From paying off a mortgage and doing dangerous DIY projects to trying one’s hand at online dating, entering into the prison sentence known as marriage and subsequently procreating…in our old age we’ve probably all come to realise that life as grown-up is certainly no Cinderella story.Titles in the new adult range will all begin ”The Ladybird Book of The….” and will cover topics ranging from hipsters, hangovers, wives and dating.The direction of the books can be summed up by the opening of The Ladybird Book of the Mid-Life Crisis which begins: "When we're young we wonder if we'll be a surgeon or an astronaut. Then one day we can't".“In the original books Mum is at home with the kids and Dad is at work fixing a Lancaster bomber” he said.That is, if the intended humour can be found in these written words. Hazeley and Morris for this lighthearted look at dating and all its permutations.

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Take the piss out of any subject and you'll be sure to have a great following. An ever-growing collection of others appears at: book was funny, I have a feeling this was written before the 'how it works' books in the series. The original ladybird artwork is wonderful, some of them, like the cover are so evocative of 1950s Britain.

Hazeley and Morris offer a sarcastic spin to the apparently highly popular Ladybird children books, surely familiar to those in the United Kingdom.