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09-Jul-2017 05:44

It’s all too common for couples to notice problems but overlook progress. It makes you aware of the kinds of everyday gestures and behaviors that make your partner feel good.

Think about what your partner did right in the past few days–for example, a small endearment, helpful behavior, a pleasant mood, asking you about your day, or even just looking great. And it helps each partner feel noticed, valued, and appreciated. It’s easy to get out of this rut by doing the same kinds of things you did when you were first dating.

Function as a true partnership, and establish new roles.

Couples divide up the responsibilities in their relationship in different ways.

Have a conversation with your partner about what you’re each good at (your strengths) and what you’re not so good at (your weaknesses).

In one’s personal life, just as in a business, the partnership is most effective when people’s roles are matched with their strengths.

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Amazingly, it only takes a few simple behavioral shifts to flip problem-focused talk into its positive counterpart: solution-focused communication.

I’m going to show you five key areas in your relationship where you can practice this new approach.

Relationship problems evolve over time and it takes both people in the relationship to work on the solution. The five most common problems. the time, but know how to repair. In John Gottman's The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, he offers a series of exercises to help couples offer and accept repair attempts.… continue reading »

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