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As he retreats, you do anything in your power to reel him back in.

You’re in a relationship where you’re not being treated the way you want, and yet, you can’t rip yourself away. MORE: 10 Best Quotes to Get Over a Breakup Eventually, it ends leaving you more fractured and empty than before.

Whether it’s your decision to make the excision or not, there will suddenly be a void and you may feel unbalanced as you try to cope without the thing that was once there to fuel you. At first, you think you’ll never be able to make it through the day without your “fix.” It will definitely be hard at first, but when you push past the initial discomfort, you will be able to function just as well, or even better, than before!

When you go through a breakup, you may be missing the feeling of being loved and cared for.

MORE: 6 Ways To Get Over A Break-Up Most of the time, it’s not the guy you’re missing…it’s the feelings you experienced when you were with him.

You miss the intimacy, the closeness, the feeling of being desired and admired.

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You put up a good fight, but it’s not enough and he breaks up with you.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that the reason they’re so sad after a breakup is because they genuinely miss their former partner.

This is true to an extent, but it’s far from the whole picture.

You miss the way he made you feel more than who he actually is.

There is almost always a period of withdrawal after an important element of our life is gone.They cling to the belief that since they never experienced anything like that before, they never will again. No, because no two people are exactly alike and even still, you and he broke up proving someone exactly like him is not what you need.You convince yourself that no other man on the planet has the same qualities as him and thus, you have two choices: get him back or settle for someone who will never measure up. You won’t find someone with his exact qualities…will find someone even better and more compatible with you. Most people confuse true love with infatuation even though these two concepts couldn’t be more different.Everything gets activated and when the bomb detonates, it can take months or years to clear the wreckage.

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