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16-Feb-2017 09:06

The Georgia Aquarium has monthly workout classes for each, and you can pick between yoga, Pilates, or bootcamp (but maybe do bootcamp alone because it’s incredibly sweaty).

They’re led by local fitness instructors and suitable for all experience levels, and process benefit research and conservation efforts.

brewmaster Mitch Steele, New Realm is an instant contender in the world of ATL-brewed beer.

They also have a stout chocolate cake that’ll make you and everyone that eats it sexy as hell.

Until February 18, Atlantic Station will host “the Southeast's largest outdoor skating rink" at Skate the Station.

It’s per person, so hopefully going Dutch won’t result in a cold shoulder after your romantic chances fall flat.

If both of you find it hard to squeeze in time on weekends or late evenings, get with one-hour weekday specials at Saltyard, where you can share fancy popcorn, hummus, and other approachable upscale bar snacks from chef Nick Leahy, specially priced at or less.

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Also get the French/Italian café’s macaroons, gelato cakes, pastries, and even their version of pancakes and waffles for breakfast, if things really work out.No, don’t do drugs on your date; take her or him to the High Museum of Art on Second Sundays, when it’s free for anybody, instead of the normal fee of for two.They also have art-making workshops from 1 to 4pm in case you wanna hang around after checking out the permanent collection.Until it closes, there will never be a better date night deal than Atlanta’s legendary drive-in theater.