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There are various ways to menace from physical intimidation to making veiled or implied credible threats.Threats to physically harm a target (coupled with the Abuser choosing to present themselves in ways that are both all powerful, socially supported by gaslighting Flying Monkeys) are the most common form of ex may threaten to reveal revenge porn photos if their estranged romantic victim refuses to hide abuse or to pay them.An obsessed ex hell-bent on socially and financially destroying their former spouse or lover might choose to lie to their new romantic conquest and claim they were abused by a partner who figured out they were nothing more than a Love Fraud Predator.By manufacturing triangulation (lying about a target in order to ensure they are never believed about being abused and that they are left socially isolated, reeling from the physical, emotional, psychological, and most oftentimes financial abuse with little to no social or spiritual support whatsoever), social predators are able to thrive personally simply because they are effective LIARS.If you are the victim of someone who stalks, for instance, chances are the Stalker exhibits pattern behavior that can easily be perceived by a target.However, if they are truly Machiavellian and stalking with a vendetta agenda -- as opposed to a simple erotomania (delusion based) fixation, the chances of them striving to menace in public view where the target knows they are being threatened or ridiculed but no one outside of the victim or the victim's social circle is ever aware or even knows.Predatory stare tactics include but are not limited to locking eyes with a prospective victim while sizing them up for ease of manipulability.

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If it unnerves you seeing it, a Sociopath or Psychopath staring randomly or with deliberate intent at a specific target group or person, that’s because it should.Namely, someone who would go out of their way to lie to their own social support network with the express intent of conning them into abusing their rivals by proxy for no other reason than they desire to aggress.Resist the urge to under-report or to under-document when and if you feel threatened or menaced.Malevolent contempt is typically only present on the faces of people who are seriously anti-social and toxic by nature.