Dating what do man want

13-Aug-2017 02:20

Viewing yourself as intelligent is the pathway to expand your knowledge and abilities. Impress him with your unique “smarts” by suggesting dates that show off your natural strengths and breed inner confidence.

Also, let him teach you a thing or two by pushing yourself to try new things on dates that bring out his intelligence.

Not only does it deepen connections, but it is contagious and known to create a ripple effect.

It might be predictable that kindness appeals to men, but did you know men are more sexually drawn to kind women?

Remember, confidence and independence is sexy, people-pleasing, being needy and fake isn’t.

True confidence and independence will keep you sexy for a long time to come, but it needs to come from within.

A University of Rochester study found men are more attracted to kind and attentive women and these traits can deepen sexual desire.

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Naturally, men want to avoid dull conversations and are drawn to intelligent women who can partake in stimulating, interesting talk and activities.

Trade in a bar for a museum, a movie for horseback riding, or a concert for mini golf, depending on your “intelligence” as a couple.