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On many occasions, Jonathan had shown prejudice against aliens, particularly Clark's own race.He believed that Kryptonians were evil and that Clark only escaped his "evil" nature because he was raised with human values.He was buried in Smallville Cemetery, adjacent to his family's farm.Sometime later, Jonathan's spirit appeared to console Clark and even attended his wedding.In Exile, Jonathan sees no other alternative to his problem and goes to speak with Jor-El, an artificial entity who resides in the Kawatche Caves' activation wall and is Clark's biological Kryptonian father and uses the Key to converse with him about retrieving his son Clark Kent, who has gotten infected with Red kryptonite and Jor-El obliges under the condition that Jonathan will return him when it is time for him to fulfill his Kryptonian calling and within their pact, Jor-El bestows Jonathan with temporary Kryptonian powers and abilities.Later on, in Metropolis, Clark as Kal under the influence of Red kryptonite, steals an item from a vault in Luthor Corp Plaza, as well as gets confronted by his father and Jonathan runs at him extremely fast and they fall out a window.Her beauty was so great that she was nicknamed "Rose," a name that remains with her to ...

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Jonathan's heart was strained while he was imbued with all of Clark's powers.

In Phoenix, down below, they take part in a superpowered fight and Jonathan eventually convinces Clark to smash the ring and come home to face his problems and then Jor-El immediately leaves Jonathan's body, although it is later revealed that he retained a direct connection with Jor-El.

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