Dating your best friends older brother

14-Aug-2017 00:46

However, now that I lost my job, I’ve got time and I’ve been partying with Michelle a lot.I’m slipping back into my old ways; I want to get high, especially when I’ve been drinking.

She moved back to her mother’s, doesn’t work, and has been on methadone for years. I drink here and there but I’ve stayed off the drugs.

I would encourage you to go to AA or NA for 90 meetings in 90 days and share openly like you did with in this letter.

After 90 days you’ll have enough info to make a wise choice.

Our friendship is toxic but I’m easily depressed and so sick of being alone. They both had a very similar reaction, which is you really need to start with yourself, and neither of them thought drinking was possible for you.

This is a quote from my friend : “The main thing is you need to go into a program.Sometimes when the people close to us couple up it puts into relief something that has been missing for ourselves.I know that happened to me when my friend Barbara got a boyfriend.I moved to a beautiful small town in the country and Michelle’s the only friend I stay in touch with.