Depression after divorce dating

14-Feb-2017 10:06

It's a time of dramatic upheaval, uncertainty, loss, sadness that can shake up even the most unshakeable personalities.

Divorce entails a great deal of life altering decisions as well as unavoidable changes in a short period of time that can ultimately lead to depression symptoms.

When life is challenging us, it's easy to be focused on just the challenges of divorce and depression. We tend to disregard them if we don't take the time to consciously give credit to life's good fortune.

A gratitude journal is there to remind us that there is another side to the coin. Take a few moments every morning to acknowledge what is going well, what makes you smile and what you are truly grateful for.

Then when you go for it, congratulate yourself for following through!

It may be as simple as making sure that you get your manicure or pedicure this week, scheduling time with friends, taking time for a nap, or giving yourself permission to just chill out.

(Notice the order of that: YOU come first.) Movement Get into motion!

Moving your body boosts your mood, positive hormones, and positive thoughts and feelings follow.

As a result, some days you might not feel like even getting out of bed.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel, and you can start to feel better about yourself and the life ahead of you.When you get back to your "regularly schedule program" you'll have much more energy and enthusiasm to bring to those activities, and you'll feel much better about it!Nurture in Nature Nature is a built-in rejuvenator that helps all of us let go of stress and get back to well-being. When you go out into nature you can even try this little ritual.Divorce and depression seem to go hand in hand due to the resulting upheaval of a person's normal existence.

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