Does active directory lock when updating

13-Jan-2018 13:49

The answer to that is similar to the device lock thing.i Phone's don't integrate perfectly with AD, and they don't talk Active Sync they way they should if they were, you know, designed right : D The device lock option is actually a remedy to the constant session issue and from what I've read is the only way to secure the i Phones when they're communicating with AD.Did not find out WHY time for the i Phone to sense a password change varies between days to weeks. User has left password was changed yet we can see in her mailbox that user has sent data to her private email account. However disabling access to Outlook Web Access, mobile access etc in mailbox features more or less immediately dropped the connection to the iphone. I guess it is time to close out this post have arisen in nearly 6 months. You will be able to re-enable features later (if user not left company) at which point the mobile device will have to authenticate to reconnect and the password change you have applied to the account will need to be made on the device as well.The more you and your colleagues use Office 365 to work together, by viewing, editing and sharing each other's documents, the more useful Delve will be for all of you.I should mention that I'm using Exchange 2010, but the setup should be the same for 2007.Also, you should know that Exchange 2003 might not be capable of doing this.As an admin, you can make sure that you allow your organization to access the Office Graph, and that you have set up other Office 365 services that Delve uses, for instance Share Point Online and One Drive for Business.You can also help people get started with Delve, and address questions that users might have.

Users can also apparently bypass the password requirement by turning off the Autolock functions of the iphone.This does highly increase butt-dial events and decrease battery life, though. You are talking about 'device lock', I am talking about AD\Exchange passwords.I understand how the device lock settings and policies function.Besides this being a headache it can be a security issue for us, we change the password on a "beleived I lost my phone" account but someone that finds the phone could still use it.

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We don't want to remotley wipe the phone because the owner may have only missplaced it and wants time to locate it.Other issue is that when an employee leaves, we want to shut them out of using email immediatley by changed their account password, yet the phone will still synch.I know there are other ways around these troubles but I really want to know why i Phones do not react to a password change for many many days.The second half of this link gives a little more detail on it: this will configure it so users will have to enter a password when checking their mail.