Does active directory lock when updating

13-Jan-2018 13:49

Learn more about how you as an admin can help users get the most out of Delve.Delve is powered by the Office Graph and shows users the most relevant content based on who they work with and what they’re working on. Delve doesn't change permissions and users will only see what they already have access to.The second half of this link gives a little more detail on it: this will configure it so users will have to enter a password when checking their mail.By default, phones don't require passwords, and the sessions that are initiated without password protection can last a while. The problem is that the i Phone activesync does not seem to sync with AD frequnelty enough to know their password has changed and to prompt them to enter a valid password.Without Device lock, Active Sync devices don't have to log in all the time, and they can keep an open session for a really long time (just like you can keep an open session in Windows after changing your password in AD).The devices that are properly built will detect when a password is changed and require the user to enter it. You may want to consider enforcing a password policy on your Active Sync Mailbox policy.Besides this being a headache it can be a security issue for us, we change the password on a "beleived I lost my phone" account but someone that finds the phone could still use it.We don't want to remotley wipe the phone because the owner may have only missplaced it and wants time to locate it.

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Users can also apparently bypass the password requirement by turning off the Autolock functions of the iphone.

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