Does bible say christian dating

17-Sep-2017 09:55

ANSWER: Is there a correct way to go about dating according to the Bible? When I was a teenager (more than fifty years ago), no one picked a girl and decided they would be dating.Do you make a shopping list, and check off each step? We went out with many girls, with of course no kissing or sex, just a good time at the beach, or bowling, or at the movies.If the person you are going out with wants you to prove your love by letting him use your body, there is not much love there.Prove your love, and let him prove his, by saying no until marriage.

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It is the touching story where Isaac told Jacob to go to Padan Aram and marry one of his uncle Laban's daughters (Genesis 28:1 - 2).The world says that living together before you're married is completely normal because, well, how else would you find out if your boyfriend's/girlfriend's habits are too annoying to live with?Sadly, this is a very self-centered way of entering into a relationship.The world says that dating as much as you want is totally fine.

What does the Bible say about believers dating unbelievers. “Does the Bible forbid dating an unbeliever?”. “If a Christian cannot marry an unbeliever.… continue reading »

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Was DATING a common practice in Biblical times? How did couples find each other and marry?… continue reading »

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