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This means that it can capture one of the neutrons which are flying about in the core of the reactor and become (indirectly) plutonium-239, which is fissile.

Pu-239 is very much like U-235, in that it fissions when hit by a neutron and this yields a similar amount of energy.

Uranium may also be mined by in situ leaching (ISL), where it is dissolved from a porous underground ore body in situ and pumped to the surface.

The end product of the mining and milling stages, or of ISL, is uranium oxide concentrate (U). Before it can be used in a reactor for electricity generation, however, it must undergo a series of processes to produce a useable fuel.

The isotope U-235 is important because under certain conditions it can readily be split, yielding a lot of energy.

It is therefore said to be 'fissile' and we use the expression 'nuclear fission'.

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Because of the kind of fuel used (ie the concentration of U-235, see below), if there is a major uncorrected malfunction in a reactor the fuel may overheat and melt, but it cannot explode like a bomb.

These isotopes differ from each other in the number of uncharged particles (neutrons) in the nucleus.