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12-Feb-2018 01:02

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Of course, if you're picturing a girly-girl who will do the stereotypical "dominant" work in a relationship by day (or just do all the work in general) and completely submit to you by night in bed, you may be out of luck, because I've never known someone like that.If you have double standards for a girl - good luck keeping one.I wrote a post about this before but it was slightly satirical, and focused a lot on the biological advantages of cumming inside a girl.In that post, I wrote the following paragraph; emphasis on the underlined part. The sex is going to be better in almost every case. Condoms choke your dick, dry up, never fit (I need XXXXS, duh), and on top of that they cost money. I firmly believe a large chunk of getting a girl to stick around, and bond with you, Basically, all of the fancy anti-depressants, all the overpaid psychologists, and Cosmopolitan magazine would be completely unnecessary if more women would just give the middle finger to Durex and Trojan and start having all dudes jizz inside of their pussy.GREETINGS GENTLEMEN, I'M ALLY A 23 YEAR OLD OUTGOING FEMALE.

In fact, with the dynamic of reversed dominance, the relationship could be more equal - the woman wouldn't be resented by the man for doing things men usually do; the man wouldn't be condemned by the woman for not being Mr. Don't try to make yourself more "normal." You won't convince submissive girls long term without a helluva lot of effort, and you'll just annoy more dominant girls and turn them off from a relationship they could have been very willing to try out.

Being sexually dominant finally cures women of their sexual frustrations, and sets them free with you in the bedroom.