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There is a small triangular shape, but no final ha ـه. was published in 1938 by Agnes Geijer, original drawing looked like this: 31/60 Dossu Wzs — Stephennie Mulder (@stephenniem) October 16, 2017 But reconstruction drawing by @UU_University textile archaeologist Annika Larsson shows extensions on either side that include a ha.32/60 Qzcq DV2 — Stephennie Mulder (@stephenniem) October 16, 2017 ​Nevertheless, Annika Larsson decided to stick to her guns.At Sweden's Birka and Helgö, both prominent centers of Viking culture, previously unearthed grave goods included a Buddha from India and a Coptic ladle from North Africa.At #Birka and earlier, at nearby #Helgö, #Viking grave goods included a Buddha from India and a Coptic ladle from North Africa 46/60 KCr — Stephennie Mulder (@stephenniem) October 16, 2017​ ​Until the late 11th century, the Byzantine capital of Constantinople was known as home to the elite Varangian Guard, most members of which were Scandinavians or early Russians.Islamic art and archeology professor Stephennie Mulder has contested Sweden's "sensational" finding of alleged Islamic influence on Viking culture, by claiming that the fabric claimed to hail ‘Allah' contained no Arabic at all.Earlier this month, Sweden stunned the world by claiming the Viking heritage could have been possibly influenced by Islam, brandishing a Viking-era burial cloth which was claimed to feature words like 'Allah' in geometric Kufic script.After giving some of the findings a fresh glance, archaeologist Annika Larsson of Uppsala University claimed some of the silk patterns, originally thought to be traditional Viking Age-decoration, to display Islamic script.

Pregnant Khloé Kardashian revealed how she was affected by watching sister Kylie Jenner give birth. Fox and 50 Cent have had a tumultuous relationship since they called it quits back in 2004."Even so, the characters should be interpreted as 'Illah,' it is still Kufic, and as I have understood from the Arabic experts it still refers to 'Allah,'" Larsson told the Independent.The Swedish website Allmogen stated Annika Larsson added parts of the pattern and furthermore mirrored it to make the Arabic god's name appear among the symbols. And this little detail was omitted from the press release," Daniel Sjöberg of Allmogen concluded, citing Viking textile specialist Carolyn Priest-Dorman who claimed the text was based on "extensions of pattern," rather than existing pattern."How did the 'experts' miss the fact that the Vikings were actually Islamic Nazis? /s AU2m A — Wonder Boy Wonderings (@Wonder Boy Wins) October 17, 2017 During the Viking Age, which spanned from the late 8th century to the mid-11th century, the Scandinavians explored swaths of Europe and Asia for trade and conquest, establishing outposts from today's Greenland to Russia, Ukraine and Turkey.

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